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How to choose the right field service management solution: The Guide to download!

Kieran Le Peron
December 22, 2020
3 min. read

You are a field service professional. You do installation, repairs, after-sales service and maintenance routines. Your days are full and your hours are numbered. You have no time to lose.   However, you realise that at present your field services are poorly managed.   You could do better. You could develop your business even better. You could be more responsive to your customers. You could gain productivity in the field. You could improve the content and quality of the reports you send to your clients. You could better track your jobs in the field. Moreover, you could improve the level of satisfaction of your customers and increase their loyalty. By the way, you could also increase the loyalty of your technicians by improving their working comfort.   And how could you do all this?   By deploying a field service management solution in your service company that is adapted to your context and your activity.   Okay, you may say, but it takes time. And how can you evaluate your field service organisation in an efficient and quick way?   Well, that’s good, because at Praxedo we’ve been asking ourselves all these questions for you. And from this reflection, we have produced a practical guide that you can download for free at the bottom of this page.

A guide to help you in your evaluation and in your exchanges with suppliers

The purpose of this document is twofold:

  • The first objective is to provide you with a support and a framework to quickly evaluate your field services. Your own. Your company’s. According to the way you work. To do this, we have prepared a questionnaire just for you, to help you ask yourself the right questions, and to quickly get a global and well-founded view of your current processes and how you could improve them.
  • The second objective is to give you the keys to get by with a supplier. The world of field service management software is vast. You can find anything. But among all these offers, how can you identify the one that will be the best to meet your needs? There are questions that you should never forget to ask a supplier, at the risk of committing yourself to the wrong tool and then facing disappointment. But, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, you have no time to lose. The second part of this practical guide is therefore dedicated to all the questions you should ask the FSM software editors that you will meet.

Do your field service teams a favour

Note that once downloaded, you can fill in this document directly in the PDF and save it on your computer. No need for paper.   And if you want to print it out to have it on the table when you want it, well that works too!   Every day we meet service professionals, like you, who are a little lost when choosing their FSM software, or who come to us because they have made a bad choice and are looking to turn things around. So save yourself the risk of making the wrong choice.   Ask yourself the right questions and also know how to ask the right questions, all the right questions, to the suppliers you will be dealing with.   Download this guide. You’ll be doing yourself a favour.    

Free download


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