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Our cookie policy

  1. Overview and scope of our cookie* policy:

Cookies (or trackers) and online storage technology, such as local storage, are small files that are saved onto the User’s terminal (computer, phone, tablet, etc.) when they visit a website. The server hosting the visited website requests this action from the terminal. 

Cookies are very often used to ensure websites are optimised and work properly. They also gather information for the administrators of the websites. Cookies help streamline your browsing of our website. 

The PRAXEDO website (hereinafter, “the Website”) has a tool that allows you to manage your consent on the cookies we use. You can choose the cookies you accept (but there are those that are entirely necessary). You should remember that refusing certain cookies may cause the Website to function poorly.

Cookies are part of the HTTP protocol used for connections to the Internet. The browser of your computer or mobile (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc) manages cookies and receives the request to save them from the server. 

Internal cookies are those that we or a contracted service provider uses on our Website as you browse. As you browse our Website, these cookies will interact with your terminal. 

Our Website may also redirect you to other websites that could have their own cookies (external or third-party cookies). 

Below you will find a list of the cookies we use and their purpose.

  1. List of cookies on the Website:

Necessary cookies

These cookies are essential for the Website to work properly and are used to provide you with the best services possible. They also collect anonymous statistics on how you use our Website.

When you enter our Website, you cannot choose to deactivate these necessary cookies.

Performance cookies 

Performance cookies are used to provide you with content and suggestions that match your web usage. They improve the speed and intuitiveness of the Website. These cookies also enable us to analyse the use of the Website so we can measure and improve its performance.

If you deactivate these cookies, the Website’s responsiveness may be slowed and its quality impaired.

Advertisement and targeted cookies

Advertisement cookies allow PRAXEDO and its partners to suggest targeted advertisements that match your interests. In this way, you will be shown relevant advertisements on other websites and social media. 

By deactivating these cookies, you will receive advertisements that may not be relevant to you.

  1. Consent withdrawal

You can manage (activate, deactivate, delete) cookies on our Website using the above functions or by changing the settings on your browser. Many browsers let you set whether you accept or reject all cookies or even just accept particular types of cookies. The help page of your browser will describe how you can manage and delete cookies using the browser’s settings.

If you decide to change the settings and deactivate all or some of the cookies, you might not be able to fully benefit from certain features of our Website and some content may become unavailable. We cannot be held liable for any consequences due to the impaired functioning of our Website.

We wish to inform you that, by browsing our Website, you accept that we may save cookies on your terminal for the purposes stated above. 

  1. Retention period for cookies

Cookies and other collected browsing data are stored, from the moment they are saved on your terminal, for a maximum period permitted under applicable regulations. At the end of this period, your consent will again be required.

  1. Privacy and personal data

The information provided by the User during their use of the Website or connection to the WiFi service, as well as any technical information collected by the host, may contain personal data. 

The collection and processing of personal data are governed by our privacy policy which is available HERE

By using our Website, you agree that we may collect personal data from you for the purpose of improving and optimising the quality of our Website, carrying out statistical studies and analyses, and providing you with information on our services and latest news.

You are hereby informed that any use of websites, including ours, involves security and confidentiality risks. You accept fully responsibility in this regard and also accept that we do not provide any assurance or guarantee in relation to such risks.