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How Groupe LT reduced billing times by 20 days.

With the move to paperless processes, Praxedo has enabled us to work with our customers in a very different way. In addition, the solution has allowed us to simplify and standardize our processes to save nearly 20 days on our billing times.
Gérard Lapert
Technical Director
  • Industry
    Heavy Equipment Rental
  • Field technicians
  • Founded
  • Work orders / year
    73 000

Groupe LT is a leading French construction equipment rental company.

Groupe LT was founded in 2003. Its business is organized into three distinct areas:

  • Construction equipment and truck rentals with or without drivers
  • Construction site signage and safety equipment rentals
  • Modular construction site facility rentals and maintenance (trailers, portable toilets, containers…)

Today, Groupe LT generates 50 million euros in sales revenue annually and is experiencing steady growth. The company has a workforce of 350 people that it supplements with seasonal and temporary workers as needed. The company’s main branches are located in the South West of France and the greater Paris area.

Field service management software optimizes 200 daily assignments.

Groupe LT teams carry out approximately 200 assignments each day. Previously, drivers used paper work orders to prove that work was completed. And each operational group had to wait for drivers to return with the completed work orders. Then, each work order had to be manually processed for billing purposes — an administrative burden that took a considerable amount of time.

Faster billing, standardized processes.

To resolve these challenges, Groupe LT management sought to modernize the way it manages its operations, with multiple goals in mind:

  • Reduce billing delays
  • Optimize and standardize internal processes, from the time the customer request is made through to invoicing
  • Improve customer relationships

Praxedo offered a robust and reliable solution.

For Gérard Lapert, Technical Director of Groupe LT, the main criteria for choosing the Praxedo field service management software were the robustness and reliability of the solution. These characteristics were proven during several weeks of testing by Groupe LT teams.
Groupe LT also liked the fact that the Praxedo field service management software is offered in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, so it can be accessed in the cloud and requires no IT maintenance.

Customized forms for services provided.

The flexibility of Praxedo’s field service management solution allowed Groupe LT teams to create different types of forms for the different services the company provides, from renting construction equipment to renting trucks, with or without a driver.
Each group within the company schedules its own service calls, and drivers receive all of the information needed to complete their tasks on their smartphone.
On the operations side, real-time monitoring capabilities provide insight into whether drivers have received and read their work orders.

Reliable processes.

When drivers arrive at the job site, they activate the work order, following the strict procedures that are required at the beginning of the rental process. For example, drivers must verify the condition of the equipment and parts and check safety instructions. All of this is done using checkboxes on the electronic work order within the Praxedo mobile application.

At the end of the day, drivers enter the time, re-check the equipment condition, takes photos if necessary and provide the information to the customer for review. The driver and the customer can then electronically sign the work order.

Instant work order transmission.

Once it’s validated, the signed work order is instantly sent to the relevant group, so the administrative team can immediately process it, generate the invoice and send it to the customer.
It’s a very practical solution for Groupe LT because the electronic work order can be immediately sent to all stakeholders: the customer, the internal group and even external agencies that provide temporary workers, which is often the case during peak periods, especially during the busy summer months.

Billing accelerated by 20 days and better traceability.

Group LT’s primary goal in for the Praxedo was to accelerate billing. With an average 20-day reduction in billing time in the groups using the solution, that goal has been achieved.
Today, 78 drivers use the Praxedo solution, With the success of the initial deployment, Groupe LT will roll out the solution to all 250 of its drivers over the next 6 months.
In addition to faster billing, the Praxedo solution also gives Group LT better traceability of the services it provides. And the immediate and transparent communications that electronic work orders enable strengthen customer relationships.

Innovation and optimization.

For Gérard Lapert, the benefits of the Praxedo solution can be summed up in two words: innovation and optimization. “Innovation because Praxedo has allowed us to work in different ways with our customers (…). Optimization because we’ve been able to review and simplify our processes from work order preparation to invoicing, to reduce our billing times by almost 20 days.”

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