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Field service management solution for broadband providers can boost engineers’ productivity 

Lauriane Potin
October 26, 2022
6 min. read

Field service management (FSM) software has multiple benefits for broadband/telecoms providers, as covered in the previous blog. But when it comes to deciding which product to adopt, a key thing to remember is that this software requires the buy-in of the field service team – the engineers who are the heart of your broadband/telecoms business. If your engineers find the software too difficult to use or find that it doesn’t make their job less complicated, this will impede a successful implementation. 

By choosing an FSM platform originally designed for the telecoms/broadband industry, you can be confident that it has been developed to address the specific needs and challenges of this sector. 

Tailored onboarding support

Once you adopt a field service management solution for broadband providers, you will be assigned a specialist dedicated to onboarding your organisation who can work with you onsite or remotely to help you configure the solution to your business’s requirements. 

While it is important to use mobile workforce management software developed for the broadband/telecoms industry, also make sure the platform you adopt is supported by a services team that can provide guidance throughout the process of implementation. This is because every organisation, even within the same industry, has different ways of doing things.

The next step is to begin rolling the platform out among your engineers. Pick an FSM provider who can provide introductory training tailored for different groups and roles within the organisation, who can provide some key training for initial engineers who you have identified will be early adopters and champions of the solution, helping to embed its rollout among the wider field service fleet. 

User-friendly and intuitive 

A key aspect of the field service management software for telecoms is the app, which engineers download to their smartphone or other mobile device, to enable them to easily access and interact with the software. 

The technology improves their day-to-day job almost immediately. SmartScheduler technology means engineers are provided with updated schedules for the day or week ahead. Autonomously the app provides addresses and directions so engineers don’t have to input this information, they simply get going. 

Onsite, or at each broadband installation or service location or address, engineers can use the app to complete processes and update as the job progresses through to its completion. The app generates digital reports so that engineers don’t have to write these up, saving time and they no longer have to detour to the office to submit reports, since this information is uploaded and processed in real-time wherever the location. 

The software has online/offline capability so engineers are always connected, even in very remote areas, so they can always check the app for the information they need to perform the job without a hitch.

Reduce engineers’ travel time

Choose FSM software that has been designed to streamline engineers’ schedules in real-time and reduce travel time between each customer location. As a result, they spend less time in their vehicle and more time getting on with broadband installations.

Key features:

  • Provide GPS guidance
  • SmartScheduler module for automated dispatch
  • Display jobs on a map
  • Schedule using a map/geolocation

Support more efficient working 

The day-to-day job of a broadband/telecoms engineer can encompass a range of different takes and activities, such as setting up fibre optic telecommunication and data networks, laying underground and underfloor fibre optic cabling, designing, building and testing fibre optic equipment, undertaking repairs, to servicing and inspecting phone jacks and wiring, to setting up, replacing and rearranging dialling and routing equipment as well as installing communications equipment in a variety of buildings. Naturally, these jobs don’t always go to plan.

For broadband engineers on jobs, field service management software for telecoms should be designed to support problem solving so that installations as well as servicing and maintenance work can run more smoothly. 

Arm your field engineers with tools to pull up past work orders via the app, to help them complete installations more efficiently While on-site, they can look up all the details pertinent to past work orders. All the information they need to accurately diagnose a malfunction and take corrective action is at their fingertips. 

Via their app engineers can flag problems among the wider team in order to gain input or advice. A collaborative approach gets the job done much more quickly.  

Facilitate better communication between engineers and dispatch teams

Field service management software for broadband providers facilitates better communication. It does this in several ways. By standardising communication among dispatchers and office teams that put together schedules or process service calls, flow of communication between engineers and office teams becomes easier, minimising misunderstandings or miscommunication, all of which can eat into time especially during busy periods. 

For example, changes to engineers’ schedules are often required for many reasons. It could be down to a colleague’s absence, bad traffic situations which delay an engineer getting to site on time, or a last minute change by the client. 

The field service software notifies your engineers of any changes are made to their schedule while on a route, so that the dispatch team do not have to worry about making sure that they need to call or text engineers with changes. Teams that are better informed are always more responsive when an unexpected situation arises.

Empower engineers to be more productive 

An FSM solution that is designed to make engineers lives easier can lead to them feeling more empowered in their role, resulting in greater productivity. That’s because they can achieve more when aspects of their job, such as travelling to sites and completing paperwork, are made easier, freeing them up to focus on what they do best, which is all activities associated with installing broadband technology. 

The software enables more autonomy. Engineers can access the key information they need, such as their daily schedule and travel directions to each job, to support for completing tasks, whilst generating job and service reports with minimal hassle. 

Ultimately, a more productive field service fleet – whether comprised of your in-house engineers or those working for your subcontractors/broadband build partners – will ensure you meet your ambitious broadband rollout targets.