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How MGC Nettoyage doubled its revenue in one year.

Praxedo has paved the way for growth…the overall productivity of our teams, in the office and in the field, has increased by almost 50%!
Jonathan Bergeron
Project Manager
How MGC Nettoyage doubled its revenue in one year.
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Tell us about your company and activities…

MGC Nettoyage is a Canadian mobile cleaning specialist. Our fleet of mobile cleaners uses cutting-edge techniques, which enables us to differentiate ourselves in a competitive market and to meet the expectations of a demanding clientele.
MGC specializes in pressure washing, and in mobile cleaning services deployed at affected sites, as well as de-icing and sand blasting.
The company also provides pumping, cleaning and disposal services for semi-dry and wet waste along with spills.
Half of our work involves service calls for cleaning up oil spills, erasing graffiti and de-icing. The other part of our work is in construction and civil engineering. These projects often take several weeks. For example, we surface clean construction sites, strip brick facades for restoration projects, service condominiums and heritage buildings as well as roads.

Why did you choose the Praxedo field service management software solution?

Our operations were becoming more complex and our growth was slowing down. We were using tools like email and Google Calendar to create work schedules and to communicate, but we couldn’t use them to manage work orders or to optimize the routes of our technicians. Also, our paper-based service reporting led to a lot of missed data and other mistakes.
Obviously, with a paper-based process, tracking tasks was complicated and prevented us from optimizing billing. We couldn’t meet our goal of issuing invoices on the same day that work was done. So we decided we needed a dedicated dispatch management solution for field services. After testing a dozen solutions on the market, we finally chose Praxedo. What is different about this solution is its flexibility and functional depth. Many of the other solutions had user interfaces that were just as good, but they were not sufficiently adaptable or they were limited in terms of configurability for our business.
What’s more, these other offers didn’t come with an effective customer support service to help us with the setup. Fortunately, Praxedo — with its commitment to customer service as well as its interest in working with us — demonstrated both the power and quality of the solution.
On top of that, the local Montreal-based support and the fact that the Praxedo user interface is available in French and in English were additional advantages.

How does the Praxedo solution help MGC Nettoyage?

The Praxedo field service management solution is used by most of our team members, especially by our operations department.

  • The operations department manages our teams and truck fleet. They manage planning and assigning resources for service calls. 
  • With Praxedo, our 15 technicians get their schedule and route every morning, so they know exactly where to go and what equipment they need to handle the job.
  • Furthermore, once the work order is complete, our clients get a copy of their service report that is sent by the technician using Praxedo.
  • At the same time, a copy of the service report is also sent to our administrator. This enables us to process the bill quickly. Best of all, the Praxedo solution validates the data collected in the field.

How has the Praxedo field service management solution benefited MGC Nettoyage?

  • Praxedo has cleared a path to growth. After only one year, Praxedo allowed us to double our revenue. Without Praxedo, this would not have been possible.
  • Our team productivity — both at the office and in the field — has increased by almost 50%.
  • We have invested in new equipment and have increased the size of our fleet by 30%.
  • We have gone paperless and have digitized 100% of our processes — from service calls to billing.
  • We have reduced by 100% data entry errors and omissions by using Praxedo’s mobile electronic forms. The forms are smart, easy to create, and our technicians find them especially easy to use.

Despite some early reluctance, our field technicians unanimously adopted Praxedo because it is easy to use.

This growth has allowed us to move to new premises and now we own our own building.

How do you see the future of your partnership with Praxedo?

We see ourselves using Praxedo for years to come.
We are confident that the solution can help us continue to grow — why not double or triple our current rapid growth rate?
We are even considering integrating the solution into our accounting system to automate customer billing and avoid double data entry. We know Praxedo offers great integration flexibility because the platform is open and connects easily to other business software.

If you had to summarize the Praxedo solution in two words, what would they be?

The benefits are broad, so it’s hard to summarize the Praxedo field service management solution in only two words. So, here are several: productivity, optimization, quality, and robustness. And I mustn’t forget the efficiency and responsiveness of the Praxedo support service.
As I mentioned earlier, this has been a decisive factor in the successful implementation of the Praxedo solution at MGC.

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