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How GreenFlex optimized its energy maintenance activities.

GreenFlex chose Praxedo to optimize the maintenance of its customers’ energy-consuming equipment. The solution enables electronic data collection and is flexible, allowing GreenFlex to respond to a variety of situations with enhanced reliability and guaranteed tracking abilities.
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GreenFlex connects ecology and economy

The GreenFlex Group’s mission is to accelerate companies’ environmental, societal and energy transformation, particularly in the distribution sector. The company links three major areas of business:

  • Consulting
  • Digital and data intelligence
  • Financing

GreenFlex has developed a unique model that connects ecology to the economy. Since 2009, the company has helped more than 700 customers optimize the energy performance of their equipment.

The GreenFlex model involves auditing sites and equipment, implementing action plans for energy use, managing energy bills, managing equipment fleets, and reporting on both equipment evolution and the associated maintenance services (internal or external).

GreenFlex operates 10,000 stores to which it provides equipment financing services and 3,500 stores to which it provides energy performance contracts. 

The company has an international presence with more than 300 employees across 14 offices in Europe and annual revenues of more than 400 million euros.

Digitize the collection of maintenance data.

GreenFlex develops a platform for managing energy consumption, called GreenFlex IQ. This platform uses Internet of Things technology to communicate with energy-consuming equipment on customer sites. Sensors on the equipment continuously monitor operations and track performance to detect potential problems. The GreenFlex IQ platform manages more than 3 million equipment activities.

To maintain all of these pieces of equipment, the GreenFlex Group involves a large number of employees in the field — its own, those of its customers and those of their maintenance providers. These maintenance providers are constantly on-the-move, collecting information and carrying out maintenance tasks.

This is why GreenFlex needed a field service management solution that could collect information electronically to accelerate capture and processing of information from technicians working in the field. The required solution had to use data in a way that ensures reliable maintenance monitoring over time. 

The goal was to computerize the process of collecting maintenance data so the data entered by technicians would automatically flow into the GreenFlex IQ platform.

A mobile solution for different uses

GreenFlex uses the Praxedo solution in a number of different ways. This flexibility is one of the solution’s great benefits.

The primary users of the solution are the business experts who complete energy audits at GreenFlex customer sites.

We also equip our customers’ employees and the external service providers responsible for maintaining their energy-consuming equipment with the Praxedo solution. They use Praxedo’s mobile application to send information about maintenance operations to the GreenFlex IQ platform. Moving to electronic service reports means we are able to ensure reliable and continuous monitoring of the operating status of our customers’ equipment.

Using the Praxedo solution is relevant to our business because we can equip our mobile technicians with a very efficient resource that ensures we can collect the information necessary to effectively manage these equipment sites.

The integration between the Praxedo solution and GreenFlex IQ makes it possible to share data between the two platforms. This is particularly important to GreenFlex customers because it gives them a unified view of all the information they need about their equipment and their energy performance.

The main benefits enabled by the Praxedo solution.

GreenFlex provides its customers with an integrated approach that ties energy bills to equipment and how it is used.

Compatibility with GreenFlex IQ

The first benefit of the Praxedo solution to GreenFlex is that it adds a digital solution for managing field service activities to the GreenFlex IQ application module portfolio. With this capability, we can move to paperless operations for a whole series of activities and data entry tasks that maintenance technicians must complete during service calls.

Better use of maintenance data

The second benefit for GreenFlex customers is that we can deploy the solution in a variety of different site and service environments where many items are still documented in paper and PDF, making them unusable. The ability for each maintenance technician to generate electronic reports is a real leap forward in the processing of information that is essential to monitoring the energy performance of equipment.

Time savings when entering information

The third benefit for GreenFlex employees is that they save considerable time when gathering information from the field because historically they were working with paper. With electronic reports they can avoid re-entering information after the service call.

Finally, GreenFlex employees and their customer service technicians have also been able to improve the quality of the information collected. The forms they complete are structured and include mandatory fields, which eliminates the risk of missing information. GreenFlex and its customers can be sure they have all the information necessary to ensure optimal management of sites with energy-consuming equipment. In the end, controlling energy bills has led to improvements in reliability and efficiency.

A real plus for managing refrigerants.

GreenFlex wants to strengthen and accelerate its collaboration with Praxedo because the company brings a lot of added value, both internally, for the benefit of our teams, and externally, for the benefit of our customers and their maintenance providers.

In particular, the Praxedo solution improves the delivery of services related to reducing energy consumption as well as those related to controlling greenhouse gas emissions and managing refrigerants.

In particular, the Praxedo solution improves the delivery of services related to reducing energy consumption as well as those related to controlling greenhouse gas emissions and managing refrigerants.

This is an area with very strict regulations and Praxedo provides GreenFlex with the ability to improve the reliability and traceability of any actions it takes to transport refrigerants and to detect leaks of refrigerants.

GreenFlex customers’ refrigeration service providers will soon be able to use Praxedo’s mobile application to automatically generate electronic documents that comply with CERFA requirements.

For GreenFlex customers, having better control over refrigerant fluids is an important part of reducing their CO² emissions and energy consumption.

Flexibility and quality of service

For GreenFlex, the flexibility of the Praxedo field service management solution is a key business benefit. The Praxedo solution is easy to use, fully customizable, and accessible from any mobile device. It’s popular with GreenFlex sales people, who are responsible for promoting it to their customers and our customers’ service providers.

The solution is also easy for GreenFlex customers to adopt because it adapts very naturally to the different requirements of each customer, whether they need to monitor the number of kilowatt-hours they are using or manage refrigerant fluids.

For Adrien Virolleaud, Director of Services at GreenFlex, “Praxedo is a contributing factor to quality of service that helps to accelerate information collection, increase the relevance and accuracy of the information collected, and eliminate the need to re-enter information so we can fully concentrate on adding value based on the data collected.”

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