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How Axians improved the monitoring of its 200 operating technicians.

Before we started using Praxedo, it was all managed by hand with Excel files, emails and phone calls to monitor our work orders. Now that we have successfully implemented Praxedo, the information flows much more smoothly.
Christian Couzon
Business Unit Manager
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Introducing the company and the problems encountered.

Axians is the VINCI Energies brand dedicated to ICT. A primary mission of the company is to offer maintenance services to its fixed and mobile telephone customers. Maintenance activity has developed considerably in recent years. As the majority of contacts are active over several years, maintenance contracts bring Axians both on-going revenue and the significant advantage of long-term relationships with its customers.

Choosing the solution.

Axians provides yearly maintenance services to more than ten thousand telecommunication sites throughout France, thereby generating a huge volume of information. To support the growth of its expanding maintenance activities and professionalize its processes, Axians deemed it essential to put in place a field service management solution that was reliable, robust and efficient.

Praxedo was chosen for three main reasons:

  • The application had been successfully used by another VINCI Energies subsidiary engaged in missions very close to those of Axians.
  • A main Axians client used Praxedo; it was an opportunity to analyze the tool and potentially create synergies.
  • The Praxedo people’s flexibility and responsiveness would enable Axians to establish trust and closeness with their own personnel, an essential point according to Christophe Caizergues, Director for Maintenance in France.

Main benefits of the solution.

  • Real-time monitoring:

As soon as a ticket is created on the client’s system, it automatically appears in Praxedo as it is sent to the technician.

“Praxedo’s main advantage is that right from the start the situation is monitored in real-time and progress can be tracked by the whole management team. Everything can be seen by both the maintenance teams and the staff at the monitoring center”, confirms Christophe Caizergues.

  • Time saving & reduction of phone calls:<

Thanks to Praxedo, Axians has observed very significant operational savings. The number of phone calls made per job raised has fallen, which has increased efficiency and reduced phone charges.

  • A climate of trust and ease:

Employees using Praxedo software report feeling confident and relaxed because the application is ergonomic and so straightforward to use, according to Christophe Caizergues.

  • Good adoption of the application by technicians:

Axians technicians have reported advantages to using Praxedo: the information needed to complete work orders is easily accessible and they can submit work reports directly via smartphone.

“Praxedo makes our job much easier: we don’t need to stop by the office anymore, we can get a heads-up wherever we are, as near as possible to the work order site. We’re given the address and a complete description of what needs to be done – it really is a big advantage.” Ludovic Poisson, Axians technician.

  • Customer satisfaction:

The field data collected using the Praxedo application helps Axians provide its clients with evidence demonstrating how well the company has fulfilled its contractual obligations.

“A key point in telecom maintenance contract life is the ability of the service-provider to meet its objectives which are often associated with a penalty clause. We have a guaranteed fault repair time of three and a half hours, anywhere in France. It is therefore fundamental to have a record of any data that shows whether or not the service-provider has carried out its obligations in satisfactory conditions. Praxedo is very useful in this way.” Christian Couzon.

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